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Title: Investigation of the 6Li(p,γ)7Be reaction at low energies
Authors: Baykal, Adnan
Reyhancan, İskender Atilla
Elmalı, Adnan
Özbir, Yıldıray
Erduran, Nizamettin
Keywords: 6Li(p,γ)7Be reaction
6Li(p,γ)7Be reaksiyonu
Low energies
Düşük enerjiler
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Institute of Radiation Problems ve Turkish Atomic Energy Authority
Citation: Baykal, A. ... [ve arkadaşları]. (2006). Investigation of the 6Li(p,γ)7Be reaction at low energies. The Fourth Eurasian Conference on Nuclear Science and Its Application : Presentations, (s. 141-145). 31 October-3 November 2006. Baku, Azerbaijan.
Abstract: A 6LiF target of 26µg/cm2 thickness was bombarded with 250 keV atomic protons with 50 µA beam current intensity for the experiment. The gamma spectrum emerged from the reaction is measured by HpGe detector using a multichannel analyzer in the 0-7 MeV energy range at 3.3 cm away from the target in the proton beam direction. The ground and the first excited states of 7Be and the energy levels of 19F(p,αγ)16O reaction can separately be detected in the resulted spectrum. The cross section of 6Li(p,γ)7Be reaction at 250 keV energy range has been measured.
Appears in Collections:IV. Eurasian conference on nuclear science and its application : presentations, 31 October- 3 November 2006. Baku, Azerbaijan.

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