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Title: Effect of particle size on TL dosimetric properties of household salt
Authors: Yüce, Ülkü Rabia
Engin, Birol
Keywords: Thermoluminescence
Issue Date: Jul-2017
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Yüce, Ü. R. ve Engin, B. (2017). Effect of particle size on TL dosimetric properties of household salt. Radiation Measurements, 102, 1-9.
Abstract: This work investigates the effect of particle size in the thermoluminescence (TL) response of household salt that classified into five size fractions between 63 and 250 µm. Irradiation induced two TL peaks at 110°C and 240°C for each particle size fraction. Besides these peaks, two additional glow peaks were also observed at 80°C and 300°C for small particle size fractions < 90µm. The complexity of the glow curve pattern increased with decreasing particle size (<125 µm). The intensity of the dosimetric TL peak at 240°C increases with increasing particle size. The maximum beta radiation sensitivity of salt samples was obtained for the particle sizes of 125-180 µm and 180-250 µm. For different particle sizes, the stability of dosimetric TL peak at room temperature was studied over a storage period of 30 days.The kinetic parameters of dosimetric TL peak were determined at different particle sizes using the initial rise (IR), peak shape (PS) and variable heating rate (VHR) methods and the results are discussed in detail. Moreover, the variations of the glow peaks depending on the heating rate were also studied.
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