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Title: Radiosensitization of microbial pathogens
Authors: Yücel, Pelin K.
Halkman, Hilal B. D.
Güçlü, Hülya
Keywords: Microbial pathogens
Mikrobiyal patojenler
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: National Academy of Science of Kyrgyzstan, Turkish Atomic Energy Authority
Citation: Yücel, P. K., Halkman, H. B. D. ve Güçlü, H. (2008). Radiosensitization of microbial pathogens. The Fifth Eurasian Conference on Nuclear Science and Its Application : Book of abstracts, (s. 263-264). 14-17 October 2008. Ankara, Turkey.
Appears in Collections:V. Eurasian conference on nuclear science and its application : book of abstracts, 14-17 October 2008. Ankara, Turkey.

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