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Title: Establishment of advanced quality system for nuclear analytical laboratories
Authors: Arıkan, Pervin
Acar, Orhan
Acar, Recep
Ayçık, Gül Asiye
Çetiner, M. Atıf
Demirel, Halil
Efe, Nurettin
Gölge, Tülay
Gürellier, Ruhsar
Kırmaz, Rıdvan
Tülümen, Şenay
Yücel, Haluk
Zararsız, Abdullah
Ağuş, Yusuf
Keywords: Nuclear analytical laboratories
Nükleer analitik laboratuvarlar
Advanced quality system
İleri kalite sistemi
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan / Institute of Nuclear Physics
Citation: Arıkan, P. ... [ve arkadaşları]. (2003). Establishment of advanced quality system for nuclear analytical laboratories. The Second Eurasian Conference on Nuclear Science and Its Application : Presentations, 3.c., (s.85-93). 16-19 September 2002. Almaty : Kazakhstan.
Abstract: Comprehensive Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) Program is stated on the quality policy, organization, methods and records for nuclear analytical laboratories which are necessary for improvement of productivity, to upgrade the performance, credibility and reputation. The proper and complete identification of quality elements for management and technical requirements are being written in Quality Manual as well as analytical and organizational procedures and working instructions according to ISO 17025 standard. Technical ability of γ , X-ray and α/β laboratories in Center is being checked by participation in proficiency test, critical technical variables, and quality results. Performance of quality system is being controlled by external audit inspection, progress reports and service to clients.Present study is a framework of model project of IAEA, coded RER/2/004, which is resulted self-sustainable accreditation from national body, TURKAK.
Description: TENMAK D.N.3328
Appears in Collections:II. Eurasian conference nuclear science and its application : proceedings, 16-19 September, 2002. Almaty, Kazakhstan

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