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Title: Environment radioactivity and ongoing surveilance programme in Turkey
Authors: Uslu, İbrahim
Keywords: Environment radioactivity
Çevresel radyoaktivite
Surveilance programme
Gözetim programı
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan / Institute of Nuclear Physics
Citation: Uslu, İ. (2003). Environment radioactivity and ongoing surveilance programme in Turkey. The Second Eurasian Conference on Nuclear Science and Its Application : Presentations, 3.c., (s.413-417). 16-19 September 2002. Almaty : Kazakhstan.
Abstract: The ever going releases of radioactive substances to the environment have resulted in a global excess irradiation of all living organisms in the environment due to nuclear accidents, testing of nuclear weapons, discharges from the nuclear industry and the like. Eventually, activities like these increase the background radiation of the environment. National authorities need to decide in which parts of their territory and for which activities and working conditions it would be appropriate for doses from background radiation to be regarded as part of occupational exposure or even public exposure by continuously monitoring the environment.
Description: TENMAK D.N.3328
Appears in Collections:II. Eurasian conference nuclear science and its application : proceedings, 16-19 September, 2002. Almaty, Kazakhstan

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