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Title: The most general equations for multigroup neutron diffusion in P1 approximation
Authors: Şuhubi, Erdoğan
Özemre, Ahmed Yüksel
Keywords: Neutrons
Neutron diffusion
Nötron difüzyonu
Issue Date: 1962
Publisher: T.A.E.C. Çekmece Nuclear Research Center
Citation: Şuhubi, E. ve Özemre, A. Y. (1962).The most general equations for multigroup neutron diffusion in P1 approximation. İstanbul : T.A.E.C. Çekmece Nuclear Research Center.
Series/Report no.: T.A.E.C. Çekmece Nuclear Research Center;ÇNAM 3
Abstract: Starting from the general transport equation and within the limits of P1 approximation, a set of coupled second order partial integro-differential equations is obtained. These equations consider the effect of m groups of retarded neutrons and contain both the first and the second derivatives of the neutron fluxes with respect to the time variable.
Description: TENMAK D.N.. 10304
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