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Title: Burnup calculations of TR-2 research reactor with monteburns Monte Carlo code
Authors: Özdemir, Levent
Erdoğan, Adem
Şentürk Lüle, Senem
Keywords: TR-2 reactor
TR-2 reaktörü
Research reactors
Araştırma reaktörleri
Nuclear reactors
Nükleer reaktörler
Yakıtın yanma oranı
Issue Date: 25-Sep-2012
Citation: Özdemir, L., Erdoğan, A. ve Şentürk Lüle, S. (2012). Burnup Calculations of TR-2 Research Reactor with Monteburns Monte Carlo Codeç. VI. Eurasian Conference on Nuclear Science and its Application. 25-28 September 2012. Samarkand, Uzbekistan.
Abstract: In this study, some neutronic calculations of first and second core cycles of 5 MW pool type TR-2 Research Reactor have been performed using Multi-Step Monte Carlo Burnup Code System MONTEBURNS and the results were compared with the values of experiments and other codes. Time dependent keff distribution and burnup ratios belong to first and second core cycles of TR-2 Research Reactor were compared and quite good consistence in the results were observed. After modeling the first and second core cycles of TR-2 with MCNP5 Monte Carlo code, MCNP5 used in MONTEBURNS code has been parallelized in 8 HP ProLiant BL680C G5 systems with 4 quad-core Intel Xeon E7330 CPU, utilizing the MPI parallel protocol and simulations were performed on the 128 cores Linux parallel computing machine system. The computation time was reduced by parallelization of MONTEBURNS which uses MCNP in many steps.
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