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Title: Occupational exposure to ionising radiation in the region of Anatolia, Turkey for the period 1995-1999
Authors: Gündüz, Hüseyin
Zeyrek, C. Tuğrul
Aksu, Levent
Işak, Solmaz
Keywords: Occupatioanal exposure
Mesleksel ışınlanma
Radiation workers
Radyasyon çalışanları
Effective dose
Etkin doz
Equavalent dose
Eşdeğer doz
Radiaton protection
Rafyasyondan korunma
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Oxford
Citation: Gündüz, H. ... [ve arkadaşları]. (2004). Occupational exposure to ionising radiation in the region of Anatolia, Turkey for the period 1995-1999. Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 108(4), 293-301.
Abstract: For this study, the individual annual dose information on classified workers who occupational exposure due to extended radiation sources in Anatolia region of Turkey was assessed and analysed by the Ankara Nuclear Research and Training Centre dosimetry service (ANAEM) at the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEA) for the years 1995-1999. The monitored radiation workers are divided into three main work sectors: conventional industry (8.24%), medicine (90.20%) and research-education (1.56%). The average annual dose for all workers in each particular sector was 0.14 mSv , 0.38 mSv and 0.08 mSv, respectively, in 1995 to 1999. This paper contains the detailed analysis of occupational exposure. The statistical analysis provided includes the mean annual dose, the collective dose, distributions of the dose over the different sectors and the number of workers that have exceed any the established dose levels.
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