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k80130.pdf.jpgOct-2000A gamma spectrometric method for direct measurement of uranium contents in solid samplesYücel, Haluk; Ergin, İ.; Çetiner, M. Atıf; Demirel, Halil; Tan, M.; Özmen, Atilla; TAEK-ANAEM; 3905
k80679.pdf.jpg2003Effect of photon interaction depth in the determination of absolute efficiency of HPGe detector for liquid volume souceDemirel, Halil; Yücel, Haluk; Çetiner, M. Atıf; Çetiner, B.; Yurtseven, İ.; Demircioğlu, Bengü; Karadeniz,Hande; Özmen, Atilla; TAEK-ANAEM
k80144.pdf.jpgOct-2000Estimation of the production costs of 67Ga, 201T1, 123I AND 111In medically important radioisotopes by a cyclotron facility to be installed at Ankara Nuclear Research And Training Centre in TurkeyÇetiner, M. Atıf; Yücel, Haluk; Turhan, Şeref; Özmen, Atilla; TAEK-ANAEM
k80680.pdf.jpg2003Measurement of absolute gamma ray emission probability of 1001 keV from the decay of 234mPaÇetiner, B.; Karadeniz, Hande; Yücel, Haluk; Özgür, İ.; Çetiner, M. Atıf; Özmen, Atilla; TAEK-ANAEM
k80681.pdf.jpg2003Measurement of thermal neutron cross section and Resonance integral for 139La(n,γ) 140La reaction by activation method using cadmium ratiosYücel, Haluk; Karadağ, Mustafa; Çetiner, M. Atıf; Tan, M.; Özmen, Atilla; TAEK-ANAEM; 3905
k80683.pdf.jpg2003Prompt gamma-ray neutron activation analysis (pgnaa) System by using a 740 GBq 241Am-Be neutron sourceÇetiner, M. Atıf; Yücel, Haluk; Demirbaş, Ahmet; Demirel, Halil; Bozkurt, Ahmet; Turhan, Şeref; Özmen, Atilla; TAEK-ANAEM