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k80254.pdf.jpg2006Alternative generators of the 99mTcKhujaev, S.; Bölüm Yok
anb_60076.pdf.jpg2004Alternative generators of the 99mTcKhujaev, S.; Bölüm Yok
k80255.pdf.jpg2006Application of radioisotopes in pharmaceutical researchesKhujaev, S.; Bölüm Yok
2008Development of Germanium-68/Gallium-68 radionuclide generatorEgamediev, S.; Khujaev, S.; Bölüm Yok
k80003.pdf.jpgOct-2000Industrial scale production of radioactive isotopes at the institute of nuclear physics of academy of sciences and its enterprisesAbdukayumov, M.; Ashrapov, T.B.; Chistvakov, P.G.; Gulamov, R.; Khujaev, S.; Rylov, A. A.; Yuldashev, B. S.; Bölüm Yok
k80297.pdf.jpg2006Obtaining of radioisotopes in the nuclear reactorKhujaev, S.; Egamediev, Kh. S.; Usarov, Z. O.; Nishanov, Sh. J.; Mirzaeva, N. A.; Mamatkazina, A. Kh.; Markelova, E. A.; Bölüm Yok
2008Obtaining radionuclides of rare earth elements 153Sm, 166Ho and 177Lu in the nuclear reactor WWR-SMNishonov, Sh.; Khujaev, S.; Abdukayumov, A. M.; Rikhsiev, A. Z.; Bölüm Yok
k80669.pdf.jpg2008Preparation of radiopharmaceutical for hepatobiliary imagingNurmatov, S.; Rikhsiev, A.; Abdukayumov, A.; Khujaev, S.; Bölüm Yok
k80100.pdf.jpgOct-2000Production of germanium - 68 by alpha bombardment of natural zinc targetEgamediev, S. Kh.; Khujaev, S.; Bölüm Yok
k80102.pdf.jpgOct-2000Production of radionuclides 55Fe AND 58Co in the nuclear reactor WWR - SM INP AS RU.Abdukayumov, M. N.; Abdulakhatov, P.; Khujaev, S.; Mirzaeva, N. A.; Rikhsiev, A. Z.; Bölüm Yok
k80371.pdf.jpg2006Radioisotope method researches of pharmaceutical preparatesKhujaev, S.; Sultanov, A.; Aliev, Kh.; Nazarov, E. A.; Akobirkhodjaeva, G. S.; Bölüm Yok
k80175.pdf.jpgOct-2000Separation of rare earth elements by DI(2-Ethylhexyl)orthophosphoric acid in the presence of Fe(III)Khujaev, S.; Nushtaeva, L. B.; Bölüm Yok
2008Separation of yttrium and strontium by extraction and extraction-chromatographic methodsUsarov, Z. O.; Khujaev, S.; Abdukayumov, A. M.; Rikhsiev, A. Z.; Bölüm Yok