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k80627.pdf.jpg2008Assessing the risk of radon progeny acceptable level exceeding in living quartersSilachyov, I. Yu.; Tuleushev, A. Zh.; Gluchshenko, V. N.; Bölüm Yok; Q-6648-2019
k80620.pdf.jpg2008Cleaning of oil field equipment from radiation-dangerous dregsTuleushev, A. Zh.; Gluchshenko, V. N.; Poleshko, A. N.; Bölüm Yok
k80621.pdf.jpg2008Comparative estimation of population body burden in settlements located in affected zone of different type radiation-dangerous objectsGluchshenko, V. N.; Kadyrzhanov, K. K.; Lukashenko, S. N.; Tuleushev, A. Zh.; Silachev, I. Y.; Poleshko, A. N.; Kudryashov, V. A.; Bölüm Yok
k80608.pdf.jpg2008Determination of 239pu/240pu ratio in semipalatinsk testing site soil by ICP-MSLukashenko, S. N.; Amirov, A. A.; Tuleushev, A. Zh.; Berdinova, N. M.; Zheltov, D. A.; Kiyatkina, N. G.; Chumikov, G. N.; Bölüm Yok
k80619.pdf.jpg2008Development of decrease of radiation risk measures complex at testing site “Azgir”Gluchshenko, V. N.; Tuleushev, A. Zh.; Poleshko, A. P.; Akhmetov, E. Z.; Bölüm Yok
k80622.pdf.jpg2008Estimation of lira objects influence contribution in total radiation doses of neighbouring settlements populationGluchshenko, V. N.; Kadyrzhanov, K. K.; Solodukhin, V. P.; Lukashenko, S. N.; Tuleushev, A. Zh.; Morenko, V. S.; Silachev, I. Yu.; Poleshko, A. N.; Kudryashev, V. A.; Bölüm Yok
k80145.pdf.jpgOct-2000Formation a ribbon superconductor on a niobium nitride matrix by ion plasma sputteringTuleushev, A. Zh.; Tuleushev, Yu. Zh.; Lisitsyn, V. N.; Volodin, V. V.; Kim, S.N.; Bölüm Yok
k80593.pdf.jpg2008Inter-laboratory comparative test of uranium concentrate analysis qualityPikalova, L. I.; Tuleushev, A. Zh.; Kiyatkina, N. G.; Milts, O. S.; Bölüm Yok
k80609.pdf.jpg2008Investigation of gas-condensate contamination with artificial radionuclides at lira facilitiesLukashenko, S. N.; Tuleushev, A. Zh.; Kiyatkina, N. G.; Kalieva, A. K.; Bölüm Yok