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dc.contributor.authorTurhan, Şeref-
dc.contributor.authorYücel, Haluk-
dc.contributor.authorDemirbaş, Ahmet-
dc.identifier.citationTurhan, Ş., Yücel, H. ve A. Demirbaş (2005) Prompt gamma neutron activation analysis of boron in samples with A(241) Am-Be neutron source. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry. Volume 262, Issue 3, pp.661-664.tr_TR
dc.description.abstractA prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGAA) set-up installed at ANRTC has been used to analyze boron in samples. It consists of a 22.6% REGe detector and a 740 GBq 241Am-Be neutron source moderated with water and paraffin. At the sample irradiation position, thermal neutron fluence rate measured was 2.36x10(4) n.m(-2).s(-1) and the corresponding Cd-ratio was 22 for gold monitor. The absolute detection efficiency in the range of 120-1500 keV was determined using (152)Eu standard solution. The sensitivity and detection limit for standard boric acid samples has been determined and also the boron content in boric acid prepared from Turkish borate ores is measured to be 15.91 +-0.46% wt. by this PGAA set-up.tr_TR
dc.publisherSpringer Linktr_TR
dc.subjectNeutron source-
dc.subjectNötron kaynağı-
dc.subjectNeutron capture gamma ray spectroscopytr_TR
dc.subjectNötron yakalama gama ışını spektroskopisitr_TR
dc.subjectNeutron activation analysistr_TR
dc.subjectNötron aktivasyon analizitr_TR
dc.subjectGamma raystr_TR
dc.subjectGama ışınlarıtr_TR
dc.subjectNeutron beamstr_TR
dc.subjectNötron ışınlarıtr_TR
dc.titlePrompt gamma neutron activation analysis of boron in samples with A(241) Am-Be neutron sourcetr_TR
dc.relation.journalJournal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistrytr_TR
dc.identifier.volumeVolume 262tr_TR
dc.identifier.issueIssue 3tr_TR
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