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Title: Crystal spectrometer measurement of Çekmece TR-1 thermal neutron spectrum
Authors: Domaniç, F.
Akyüz, Ö.
Bayvas, F.
Cansoy, Ç.
Keywords: Neutrons
TR-1 reactor
TR-1 reaktörü
Nuclear reactors
Nükleer reaktörler
Thermal neutron spectrum
Termal nötron spektrumu
Çekmece TR-1
Issue Date: 1964
Publisher: T.A.E.C., Çekmece Nuclear Research Center
Citation: Akyüz, Ö. ... [ve arkadaşları]. (1964). Crystal spectrometer measurement of Çekmece TR-1 thermal neutron spectrum. İstanbul : T.A.E.C., Çekmece Nuclear Research Center.
Series/Report no.: T.A.E.C., Çekmece Nuclear Research Center;Ç.N.A.E.M. 19
Abstract: The Thermal Neutron Spectrum of Çekmece TR-1 was measured by using a double drystal spectrometer and NaCf crystal with its (200) plane as monochromator. The neutron energy which corresponds to the maximum of thermal flux distribution was found to be E(0) = 0,0595 ev. Assuming that the flux distribution to be Maxwellian an attempt was made to analyze the measured data to evaluate the effective neutron temperature in the beam hole. Because the theoretical expressions given in the latest publications are found to be unsatisfactory in representing neutron reflectivity for slow neutrons, an experiment was carried out to determine the reflectivity in dependence of neutron energy, the results of the experiment showed that the reflectivity in proportional to E-0,45. By using this empirical relation the effective neutron temperature was found to be ≈ 337°K.
Description: TENMAK D.N.. 10292
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