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Title: Syntheses based on cholanic acid, ∆ 23 - cholone and 23 - amino norcholane
Authors: Ünseren, Envare
Keywords: Organic chemistry
Organik kimya
Delta 23
Issue Date: Apr-1967
Publisher: T.A.E.C. Çekmece Nuclear Research Center
Citation: Ünseren, E. (1967). Syntheses based on cholanic acid, ∆ 23 - cholone and 23 - amino norcholane. İstanbul : T.A.E.C. Çekmece Nuclear Research Center.
Series/Report no.: T.A.E.C. Çekmece Nuclear Research Center;ÇNAEM 45
Abstract: Reduction of cholanic acid (III) with lithium aluminum hydride gave cholanyl alconol (IV). Benzoate, chloride, pyridinium chloride hydrate, ethyl carbonate, S-metnyl xanthate derivatives of cholanyl alcohol have been prepared, ∆23-Cholene has been obtained by the pyrolysis of the last two products. Osmium tetroxide hydroxylation of ∆-cnolene afforded 23,24-dioxy cholane (VIII). Schmid reaction on cholanic acid gave 23-amino norcholane (IX). Acetyl, benzoyl, and tosyl derivatives of the amine have been prepared. Reaction with potassium isocyanate gave norcholanyl urea (IX e). Norcholanic acid (X) has been obtained by the alcaline permanganate oxidation of 23-amino norcholane. Lithium aluminum hydride reduction of norcholanic acid gave norcholanyl alconol (XI).
Description: TENMAK D.N.. 8121
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