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Title: Low level radioactive waste management and discharge policies
Authors: Özdemir, Tonguç
Özdemir, Celal
Uslu, İbrahim
Keywords: Low level radioactive waste disposal facilities
Düşük seviyeli radyoaktif atık imha tesisleri
Low-level radioactive wastes
Düşük seviyeli radyoaktif atıklar
Radioactive waste management
Radyoaktif atık yönetimi
Discharge policies
Tahliye politikaları
Issue Date: Dec-2004
Publisher: IAEA
Citation: Özdemir, T., Özdemir, C. ve Uslu, İ. (2004). Low level radioactive waste management and discharge policies. International Conference on Disposal of Low Activity Radioactive Waste, 13-17 December 2004. Cordoba, Spain.
Abstract: The legal infrastructure in Turkey for the management of low-level radioactive waste covers the liquid, solid and gaseous wastes. Management of these radioactive wastes is briefly described in this paper. Moreover, delay and decay tank systems that are used to collect and store the low level radioactive wastes as a part of low-level radioactive effluent discharge policy are introduced.
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