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Title: On second order correction to the average extrapolation length
Authors: İnönü, E.
Keywords: Average extrapolation length
Ortalama ekstrapolasyon süresi
Nuclear physics
Nükleer fizik
Issue Date: 1963
Publisher: T.A.E.C., Çekmece Nuclear Research Center
Citation: İnönü, E. (1963). On second order correction to the average extrapolation length. İstanbul : T.A.E.C., Çekmece Nuclear Research Center.
Series/Report no.: T.A.E.C., Çekmece Nuclear Research Center;ÇNAEM 8
Abstract: A first-order expression for the average extrapolation length in bare thermal reactors was given previously on the basis, of a many-group calculation. C. Yalçın extended this calculation to second order and obtained a complicated correction term which does not seem easy to apply. His results are analyzed and simplified here by considering the limit for continuous slowing down. It is shown that the second order correction is of the order of d/R, where is the first order average extrapolation length and R is a length which characterizes the size of the reactor.
Description: TENMAK D.N.. 8621
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