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Title: Inversion of the cyanide group into iso-cyanide under gamma irradiation
Authors: Erben, M. Talat
Ünseren, Envare
Seber, Nurten
Keywords: Gamma rays
Gama ışınları
Gamma irradiation
Gama ışınlaması
Issue Date: Oct-1965
Publisher: T.A.E.C., Çekmece Nuclear Research Center
Citation: Talat - Erben, M., Ünseren, E. ve Seber, N. (1965). Inversion of the cyanide group into iso-cyanide under gamma irradiation. İstanbul : T.A.E.C., Çekmece Nuclear Research Center.
Series/Report no.: T.A.E.C., Çekmece Nuclear Research Center;28
Abstract: Infrared spectrophotometric evidence indicates that gamma irradiation of the nitriles causes partial inversion of the cyanide group into iso-cyanide according to the following mechanism: In the gamma flux, some of the cyanide groups are detached from the nitrile as cyan free radicals and, owing to their resonance-hybrid structure, .C=N - <-> - C=N., two distinct recombination processes take place leading partly to the usual cyanide and partly to the iso-cyanide, respectively. From a comparison of the optical densities at the characteristic frequency of the iso-cyanide absorption band in irradiated methacrylonitrile and ethyl iso-cyanide it is concluded that at least 20% of the cyanide groups were transformed into iso-cyanide in a specific sample of methacrylonitrile irradiated to a total dose of 0.1 megarads.
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