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Title: Safety features of TR-2 Reactor
Authors: Türker, Tanzer
Keywords: Nuclear reactors
Nükleer reaktörler
Safety features
Güvenlik özellikleri
TR-2 reactor
TR-2 reaktörü
Issue Date: Oct-2000
Publisher: Turkish Atomic Energy Authority
Citation: Türker, T., (2000). Safety features of TR-2 Reactor. I. Eurasia Conference on Nuclear Science and Its Application, Presentations, Vol 1, (s. 253-258). 23-27 October 2000. İzmir, Turkey.
Abstract: TR-2 is a swimming pool type research reactor with 5 MW thermal power and uses standart MTR plate type fuel elements.Each standart fuel element consist of 23 fuel plates with a meat+cadding thickness of 0.127 cm.., coolant channel clearence is 0.21 cm..Originally TR-2 is designed for %93 enriched U-Al. Alloy fuel meat.This work is based on the preperation of the Final Safety Analyses Report (FSAR) of the TR-2 reactor. The main aspect is to investigate the behaviour of TR-2 reactor under the accident and abnormal operating conditions, which cowers the accident spectrum unique for the TR-2 reactor. This presentation covers some selected transient analyses which are important for the safety aspects of the TR-2 reactor like reactivity induced startup accidents, pump coastdown (Foss of Flow Accident, FOFA) and other accidents which are charecteristic to the TR-2.
Description: I. Avrasya Nükleer Bilimler ve Uygulamaları Konferansı : 23-27 Ekim 2000. İzmir, Türkiye.
Appears in Collections:I. Eurasia conference on nuclear science and its application : presentations, 23-27 October 2000. İzmir, Turkey.

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