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Title: Radioecological research of the Turkish marine environment
Authors: Topçuoğlu, Sayhan
Kut, Deniz
Güngör, Nurdan
Esen, Nur
Ölmez, Emine
Kırbaşoğlu, Çiğdem
Keywords: Radioecological research
Radyolojik araştırmaları
Turkish marine environment
Türk deniz çevresi
Marine pollution -- Turkey
Deniz kirliliği -- Türkiye
Issue Date: Oct-2000
Publisher: Turkish Atomic Energy Authority
Citation: Topçuoğlu, S. ... [ve arkadaşları]., (2000). Radioecological research of the Turkish marine environment. I. Eurasia Conference on Nuclear Science and Its Application, Presentations, Vol 2, (s. 678-682). 23-27 October 2000. İzmir, Turkey.
Abstract: The monitoring study for determination of radioactivity levels in biotic and abiotic environmental samples is the main subject of the radioecology. In cases where information on potential radiation dose to the seafood-eating population is required, specific edible marine organism in the region that should be selected based on bioindicator criteria. The investigations on the behaviour of the radionuclides in aquatic environment such as biogeochemical and biokinetic studies are other important subjects for radioecological research. The biokinetic results are important component of many radiological dose assesment studies. These kind studies are being made by the Radioecology Laboratory of Çekmece Nuclear Research Center. This paper reports the results of the radioecological monitoring in marine organisms and sediment samples collected from Turkish marine environment. In addition, the kinetic results and Kd values of some radionuclides in biota and sediment samples are also presented.
Description: I. Avrasya Nükleer Bilimler ve Uygulamaları Konferansı : 23-27 Ekim 2000. İzmir, Türkiye.
Appears in Collections:I. Eurasia conference on nuclear science and its application : presentations, 23-27 October 2000. İzmir, Turkey.

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