I. Eurasia conference on nuclear science and its application : presentations, 23-27 October 2000. İzmir, Turkey. : [191] Collection home page

1. Avrasya Nükleer Bilimler ve Uygulamaları Konferansı : bildiriler 23-27 Ekim 2000 İzmir Türkiye


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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
k80191.pdf.jpgOct-2000What can we learn from the direct reactions with 6He and 8He secondary beams on light targets at 25-32 MeV/n beam energy?Wolski, R.; Bogdanov, D. D.; Fomichev, A. S.; Rodin, A. M.; Stepantsov, S. V.; Sidorchuk, S I.; Ter-Akopian, G. M.; Oganessian, Yu. Ts.; Bölüm Yok
k80190.pdf.jpgOct-2000Vector meson decays and the role of δ-meson *Gökalp, A.; Yılmaz, O.; Bölüm Yok
k80189.pdf.jpgOct-2000Use of electrostatic accelerator for measurement and evaluation of nuclear data required for astrophysical applicationsBurtebaev, N.; Ibraeva, E. T.; Kadyrzhanov, K. K.; Bölüm Yok
k80188.pdf.jpgOct-2000Unconventional tin atom states in mixed silver and tin chalcogenides having NaCl structureTuraev, E. Yu.; Tursunov, S. N.; Djuraev, Sh. Kh.; Khalikov, B.; Bölüm Yok
k80187.pdf.jpgOct-2000The spherical metrics of the gamma-activation analysis on a bremsstrahlung of electronsAbibullaev, N. A.; Salikhbaev, U. S.; Bölüm Yok
k80186.pdf.jpgOct-2000The singular eigenfunction method: the milne problem for isotropic and extremely anisotropic scatteringKaşkaş, A.; Güleçyüz, M. Ç.; Erdoğan, F.; Tezcan, C.; Bölüm Yok; 4180
k80185.pdf.jpgOct-2000The resistive magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) in thermonuclear discharges :theory and experimentBayramoğlu, A. Özer; TAEK-ÇNAEM
k80184.pdf.jpgOct-2000The influence of ionizing radiation on the basic parameters of photodiodes on the base of indium selenideAliev, R. Yu.; Askerov, K. A.; Bölüm Yok
k80183.pdf.jpgOct-2000The group-theoretical approach to the description of nuclear statesBaktybaev, K.; Bölüm Yok
k80182.pdf.jpgOct-2000The direct transformation of potential energy of electric field into kinetic energy of charged particles or electromagnetic radiationKolesnik, V. G.; Urusova, E. V.; Yuldashev, B. S.; Bölüm Yok
k80181.pdf.jpgOct-2000Technical and economical aspects of SO2 and NOx removal from flue gas by electron beam irradiationTurhan, Şeref; Karadeniz, Serdar; Tuğluoğlu, Nihat; Eken, Mahmut; Oktar, Okan; Ercan, İsmail; TAEK-ANAEM; 20000
k80180.pdf.jpgOct-2000TAC proposal for fundamental and applied researchÇiftçi, A. K.; Sultansoy, Saleh; Yavaş, Ö.; Yılmaz, M.; Bölüm Yok
k80179.pdf.jpgOct-2000Synthesis and application of n-vinyl 2-pyrrolidone based hydrogels containing mono-, DI- and tri-protic acid moietiesKantoğlu, Ömer; Şen, Murat; Çaykara, Tuncer; Güven, Olgun; TAEK-ANTHAM
k80178.pdf.jpgOct-2000Structure of one nucleon halo light mirror nuclei 11Be and 11NKim, G.; Khaydarov, R. R.; Bölüm Yok
k80177.pdf.jpgOct-2000Stability of iodine content in iodized saltBiber, F. Zümrüt; Ünak, Perihan; Yurt, Fatma; Bölüm Yok; 34687
k80176.pdf.jpgOct-2000Solution of lippman-schwinger equation for diffraction interaction of charge hadronsIsmatov, Ye. I.; Khugaev, A. V.; Paluanov, B. K.; Fazilova, Z. F.; Bölüm Yok
k80175.pdf.jpgOct-2000Separation of rare earth elements by DI(2-Ethylhexyl)orthophosphoric acid in the presence of Fe(III)Khujaev, S.; Nushtaeva, L. B.; Bölüm Yok
k80174.pdf.jpgOct-2000Radiation stability of biodegradable lactic acid polymersKantoğlu, Ömer; Özbey, Turan; Güven, Olgun; TAEK-ANTHAM
k80173.pdf.jpgOct-2000Pulsed ion beam synthesis of β-FeSi2 layers on Si implanted with Fe+Batalov, R. J.; Bavazitov, R. M.; Khaibullin, I. B.; Bölüm Yok
k80172.pdf.jpgOct-2000Pulse shape analyzer/timing-SCA application to beta measurementSelvi, S.; Çeliktaş, C.; Bölüm Yok
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 191